My aesthetic practice combines art, design, mediation and their curation. With a focus on community-building. One of the motives of my practice is to question processes of (re)production and their (re)presentation. Current life in capitalism is based on the privatization of production and its operation for profit. Almost every sphere of living tends to be pervaded by brutal materialism and a logic of exploitation. Crisis is its foundation.
The circumstances of COVID-19 raise more than ever topics of authority, hierarchy, alternative societies, self-care and care work. A main focus during and after the crisis will most likely be community building. In my own longing for creating inclusive (safer) spaces, the questions arise: What expectations will be taken forward and which hierarchies will emerge, get re-presented or re-produced again? What are we taking with us?
Notions of our futures are of great value: what we think today determines how we live tomorrow